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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Now that the Pinocchio draft is all done, and I cannot get to my other Pinocchio fare for some time, I have to see what else I can find that might moderately interest some readers.

Today I found a little drawing I did after walking the halls of Disney's 1940 Burbank animation building, which finally made it clear to me which wing was which, as an aid to the directory I posted (1 2 3).
It seems to me that there are quite some subsidiary companies and even external companies housed in the building, which I find a bit disconcerting from a historical point.

What I did find a wonderful discovery was that the hallway on the second floor still has the "how animation works" shadow boxes that I first saw there in 1978, and later found in the book "Magic Moments." I believe someone told me that they were made by animation dept. staffers, though I cannot remember by whom...
Animation Building < Click on it!



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