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Monday, November 26, 2007

Prod. 2069 (Alice) - Seq. 04.0 - Caucus Race

Also directed by Ham Luske, the Caucus Race is laid out by Charlie Philippi and Ken Anderson, animation by Les Clark and Hal Ambro (Alice), Bob Carlson (Dodo, Eagle, Toucan), Milt Kahl (Dodo) and Josh Meador (Water & Bottle)...
I'd like to here repeat what I wrote in a comment on Thad K's blog: Even though the directing animator may have posed out every scene in a sequence, the names on the draft are the persons responsible for the final drawings. The draft is a working tool, a document that is created to be able to tell whom to go to in case of questions. It is not ever meant to be a historical document. Some secretaries have done more for history than others: on the Fun and Fancy Free draft, the directing animator is indicated as well as the responsible animators. On later drafts this became a moot point, as [since One Hundred and One Dalmatians] the directing animators basically animated the whole sequence anyway, but I have not seen indications of directing animators on any of the other feature drafts up till and including Fox and the Hound.
Please keep this in mind as you study these drafts!

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