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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Prod. 2069 (Alice) - Seq. 09.5 - Painting the Roses Red

This Revised Draft of 5/11/51, two and a half months before the opening, shows that a lot of editing was done after animation was finished, and it is therefor interesting to see that in the place of the assistant director we find editor Lloyd Richardson, whom we see credited on IMDb as working for Disney at least since So Dear to My Heart in 1948. He also edited Disneyland U.S.A., that wonderful documentary that is available in a gorgeous restoration on the great new (and already getting scarce) Disneyland Treasures DVD.

Directed by Ham Luske (who also directed Disneyland U.S.A.) with layout by Charlie Philippi and Ken O'Conner. Animated by Hal Ambro, Harvey Toombs, Ollie Johnston, Don Lusk (Alice), Hal King, Phil Duncan, Hugh Fraser, Judge Whitaker, George Rowley (Cards), Woolie Reitherman (Rabbit), Eric Larson and again Harvey Toombs (Queen) - and Ollie is the King, but we knew this...
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