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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Prod. 2004 - Fantasia (XI)  - Seq. 8-1, 8-2 (Rite of Spring: Trip Through Space & Volcanoes)

Seq. 8-1: Directed by Gail Papineau. Layout by John Hubley. This draft dated 4/4/40. Special Effects with flames by Dan McManus.

Seq. 8-2: Directed by Paul McKinley Satterfield, assisted by Robert Allen "Bob" Ogle. Layout by John Hubley and Leo Thiele. This draft dated 6/17/40.

Animation by Ed Aardal, Don Tobin, Jim Will, Dan McManus, Jerome Brown, Paul Kossoff, Art Palmer and (?) Harlin (- another name missing in IMDb's listing that states "Crew verified as complete").

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Anonymous Steven Hartley says...

I believe that Gail Papineau was used for the first sequence; because he shot the sequence of the universe, and he was credited in this segment for "Special Camera Effects", I wonder if he was actually the assistant director as well!

No guess that John Hubley did layouts for this, as Mike Barrier said about his involvement in this sequence before!

A lot of effects artist on this segment, and I love the lava bubbles coming up; very good drawings. Hmm, Josh Meador was the Supervising Animator of the effects scenes; and I'm guessing he comes along when the dinosaurs pop up.

I'm guessing that Bill Roberts did the dinosaur scenes; and Satterfield does the earthquake sequence.

Oh, BTW; have you heard of the original story to the Rite of Spring when Igor Stravinsky composed it back in 1913?

Sunday, December 5, 2010 at 11:43:00 AM PST  

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