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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Prod. 0136 - The Fox and the Hound (V)   - Seq. 002 Young fox and hound become friends (1/3)

This is the first third of this sequence:
040 041 042 043 044 045
046 047 048 049 050 051
052 053 054 055
Directed by Art Stevens, assisted by Terry Noss.
Layout by Don Griffith.
This FINAL draft dated 5/4/1981 by secretary Charlene Rogers.

Animation by Ed Gombert, Frank Thomas, Randy Cartwright, Heidi Guedel, Dale Oliver, Ron Clements, Andy Gaskill and Ollie Johnston.

There is some nice, cute animation by Frank Thomas here, as well as very few "let's retire soon" scenes. There are several scenes that are classic Frank that I enjoy very much, including scenes 23-25. Frank shares a few scenes with his old assistant Dale Oliver who did a fine job (I suspect Frank, as supervising animator, might have done some posing here), and there are fine scenes by Randy Cartwright. Ollie's Chief could have used some better breakdowns and tighter cleanup. And there clearly were a few facial construction problems on the end of scene 21...

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Anonymous John V. (The Spectre) says...

Frank Thomas definitely seems to have been the supervising animator for Tod and Copper here. Their scenes are mostly broken up into sections, with some by Frank and others by Dale Oliver and Ed Gombert, who were presumably both working under his supervision. Heidi Guedel also does a few shots here and there.

We last saw Dale Oliver animating Amos Slade's introduction scenes, making me wonder if he too was a Frank Thomas character. Here, Slade is animated by Andy Gaskill.

Ed Gombert also animates one scene of Big Mama, while another scene which she shares with Tod & Copper is animated by Ron Clements and Ed Gombert... I'm not sure who animated whom. Maybe it will be clearer when we see later assignments.

Randy Cartwright animates Chief again, plus Copper when he shares scenes with Chief (assuming the draft is complete). Ollie Johnston does a single shot... although Cartwright is credited as a supervising animator, I wonder if he started out animating under Ollie and was promoted during production.

Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 1:52:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous John V. (The Spectre) says...

Randy Cartwright almost gives Chief a Milt Kahl head-swagger in some of his scenes at the start of this sequence. :)

Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 12:13:00 PM PDT  

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