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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Prod. 2221 - Donald's Cousin Gus

This draft of 3/10/39 shows that director Jack King picked it up ten months earlier, 5/16/38. His asistant directors were Jack Handley and Harry Teitel (later known as Harry Tytle, the manager who wrote
--albeit a bit confusingly--the interesting, hard-to-find book "One of Walt's Boys").

Layout by Bill Herwig, animation by Woolie Reitherman, Paul Allen, Don Towsley, Lee Moorehouse, Johhny Cannon, Bernie Wolf with single scenes by James/Shamus Culhane and Ken Peterson (before HE went into management) - and an effects scene by Reuben Timmins. Released 5/19/39 and available on Treasures DVD - The Chronological Donald, Volume One.

According to Jack Kinney (in a letter to my old mentor Børge Ring), they intended to make a series using Cousin Gus, but decided against it as "gluttony wasn't funny..."
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