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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ring on Huemer on Timing

My friend and mentor Børge Ring commented on my posting of Dick Huemer's lecture on timing:

      « "Dick Huemer on Timing" is one of the best pieces I ever read on a blog: Huemer debates precisely all the brass-tack problems that make up the wonderful game of chess that lively action animation can be. It is wonderful to hear about all these things from a fine animator who also happened to be a creative storyman (e.g. Dumbo) and a director with a clear vision of the totality of a picture (e.g. The Whalers).

      Don Graham's remarks reveal that he had learned a lot about animation from the animators to whom he taught drawing, and it is a helpful luxury to have immediate access to the drafts of two of the films that are talked about.

      Huemer does not pontificate; instead he gives an honest answer to questions for which the solutions are not immediately obvious. "Test it, then you will find out." He dampens the timing of a very active scene to secure a clear accent to the next just as active scene containing an important story point. "Dick Huemer on Timing" is a wonderful document! »

Thank you, Børge! I hope your comment will inspire more people to read this important document...

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