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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moving Day...

The studio is moving! In an effort to consolidate functions, A. Film will have this new address from next week:

A. Film A/S
Mosedalvej 14
2500 Valby

[We are still in Copenhagen, but in a part that has its own name...]

Some of you may recognize the address: for a hundred years it has been the address of the Film Studio Nordisk Film. Arguably the oldest constantly-producing film studio in the world, Nordisk Film was started November 6th, 1906. Yes, Pathé is ten years older, but it has not had the same continuity...

This Friday afternoon, after the main move, we will have a "House Cooling Party" in our old address on Tagensvej, for which this invite was made (in Danish!):
House Cooling
By the way, we keep our telephone numbers!
Our scanners have already moved, so that settled it - no new posts until sometime next week!

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