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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ring pre-Ring & Rønde

If you say the name Børge Ring in Denmark, you have a greater chance of finding that folks know him as 1940s jazz musician than as Academy Award®-winning filmmaker. Before devoting himself to the art of animation, Børge played guitar with the famous Danish band of Niels Foss (1916- ) in 1941 and Leo "The Lion" Mathisen (1906-1969) in 1941-42, and guitar and bass with the even more famous Svend Asmussen (1916- ) from ca. 1942 to ca. 1947. I fear I'm not to clear about those dates. (I'll see if I can find a picture tomorrow.)

Here was a short clip of Børge playing rhythm guitar for Leo Mathisen. I did not think it did Børge justice, so I took it off.
I will see if I can put up something soon that puts a brighter light on Børge's musical talent!

Of course, Børge did not stop playing after going so wholeheartedly into animation - he played a lot, even, and you can hear him play guitar and bass in his own "Oh, My Darling" and "Anna & Bella."
(Both can be found on YouTube).

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