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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Prod. 2521 - The Small One (III)  - Section 3 - Decision to sell Small One

Animation by John Pomeroy (26 scenes), Don Bluth and Gary Goldman (3 scenes each).

John Pomeroy's scenes with the father redeems him partly for the one I mentioned yesterday. I have a hard time understanding the "wiping his forehead but not really" gesture he makes a few times, but scene 10 is solidly drawn and well acted.

The animation on the boy and Small One in this section is quite nice, but I do wish we had more direct face-to-face straight eye-contact instead of the tilted-head look at each other sideways. It makes for nicer and possibly clearer drawings, BUT it takes away from the directness in the acting. (See, Jeff? I DO remember what you told me back in Nansensgade in 1984, when I had Loke looking sideways at Thor. I especially remember things I agree with...)

Small One drawn by Gary Goldman in closeup in the end is more donkey-like and less cute-toy-animal than in Pomeroy's scenes. Could this be because he drew less of him and thus had a harder time at it? Or was it an earlier model? Or just a different way of drawing?

At the time of posting, this section can be seen here as the last part.

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