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Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Børge!

Today, my old mentor Børge Ring turns 91!
Want to send him a present? Then please visit the donation page dedicated to restore some kind of normal life for his wife Joanika and himself after the terrible fire that destroyed their home and all their belongings on Feb.1st! All my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Børge, who currently is in hospital.

For the occasion, I found a few images that I shot in 1981 at the animation festival in Annecy, France. This was around the time we started to seriously work on Anna & Bella.
BorgeAnnecy1981aBorgeAnnecy1981b< Click to
< show the
< entire
< picture!
The left image shows, left to right, Marv Newland (of Bambi vs. Godzilla fame), Dutch-Canadian film maker Paul Driessen, Børge and Kaj Pindal, Børge's old apprentice and life long friend.

On the right, on the terrace of Hotel Trésoms, we find, similarly left to right, Børge's long time animation partner and fellow Dane Bjørn Frank Jensen, then the back of Joanika Ring, Harold Whitaker (Halas & Batchelor: Animal Farm, also the book Timing for Animation), Børge and renowned Japanese filmmaker Yoji Kuri.

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