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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Forensic Detective what Børge called this bit in an email to me yesterday.
"Pinocchio walks to school. Fox and Gideon originally entered the film where Pinocchio runs unbetween them and the Fox does his wonderful take. At least the scene is called number 1.

Later, Disney chose to give the two guys a solid presentation with dialog etc. in the good old Orson Welles-and-Circus manner. It can be seen from the numbers of the new scenes. Walt even managed to slip Stromboli into the expectations "while we are at it anyway," for otherwise the Italian would have entered just as abruptly as the Fox and Gideon originally were planned to.
"People have got to meet them" as he said about the dwarfs at the foot-end of the bed. In a machine-written continuity (and in a novel) it is logical to meet the villains when they are needed. On film it seems appropriate to show them off first. "Here it comes, dear audience - sit up straight on your chair!" "

You wouldn't think Børge turned 86 a few days ago...

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Anonymous David Nethery says...

"You wouldn't think Børge turned 86 a few days ago."

I want to [belatedly] wish Børge Ring a very Happy Birthday!

Mr. Ring , you inspired me when you were a guest teacher (courtesy of Kaj Pindal) for a few precious days at Sheridan College in the summer of 1984 (International Summer Program of Classical Animation at Sheridan) and your example as an independent animator continues to inspire me today. Will never forget sitting under the stars on a summer night in the Pindal's back yard, you playing your guitar and pipe smoke wreathing around your head as you talked about animation, the universe , and everything.

Sunday, February 25, 2007 at 7:40:00 PM PST  

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