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Friday, August 24, 2007

My Past is Catching Up with Me...

Ha! The feature film Valhalla had its premiere in 1986. It was the reason for my move from Holland to Denmark. Now I find that at this address, one can buy cells from this production, signed by the director, Peter Madsen. Funny, though - I animated the scene with the kid and the sword, my A. Film business partner Karsten Kiilerich animated the scenes with Thor "..when NOT to use it!"

Compare the poster that is for sale to the one on the page that I linked to first. Peter redid the poster completely in bright colors, as the distributor didn't think they could sell the film with the more subdued one. There is a world of difference: we all still love the original one!

Not much artwork still exists from this production, and not only because it was Xeroxed using a Canon NP10 cold copier, so the lines chip of the cells. Actually, most artwork was sent to the garbage dump when the owner of the rights, Danish distributor Metronome (then owned by musician and music producer Bent Fabricius-Bjerre, a.k.a. Bent Fabric of "Alley Cat" fame), merged with Swedish Sandrew around 1997. This is the only fact that was censored out of my short (13 minute 21 second) "Making Of" documentary which made it onto disc 2 of the Valhalla Special Edition DVD of 2003...

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Anonymous The Jerk says...

hey, i finally got an opportunity to try out the beatronome program, and i have to say, what a cool device! it works great! I happened to have the soundtrack to the good the bad and the ugly playing on my computer while i was showing my brother a run-cycle i had done, and noticed the cycle seemed to match perfectly the tempo of the music. i opened your beatronome program and tested it out, and sure enough, it was the exact tempo of the animation. i think if i animate to music in the future i may just have to use this program to help time the animation.b

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 at 5:45:00 PM PDT  

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