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Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Few Dalmatian Statistics...

More drafts shortly - here first some data!
Animation on the approx. 6,500 feet of Prod. 2110, The Hundred and One Dalmatians, started with the Music Room pickup of Gerry Geronimi's Seq.001, The Opening, on 3/7/58. Animation on this 685 ft. sequence started 4/22/58, it was scheduled ready for Touch-Up 6/26/59 and ready for Xerox 8/28/59, which means that Reitherman's 345 ft. Seq.005 (Puppies Stolen) and Luske's 367 ft. Seq.004 (Puppies Watch TV) were in Xerox before it, though animation on them started 10/15/58 and 11/28/58 and were ready for Xerox 6/19/59 and 7/17/59 respectively..

Geronimi's Seq.003 (Puppies Arrive) was actually the second sequence started on, 4.5 months after Seq.001, on 7/25/58 and was ready for Xerox 9/25/59, so it took 14 months from hand-out to OK-for-Xerox. After this, the sequences ready for Xerox were - in this order - .008 Puppies Discovered (approx. 9 months in animation and touch-up), .006 Dogs Make Decision (8 months), .013 Escape From Hell Hall (7 months), .002 Introduction of Cruella (5 months) and .012 Cruella at Hell Hall (7.5).

The last scenes of the film were scheduled to be out of animation and ready for Touch-Up 3/11/60, ready for Xerox on 6/17/60, Final Daily OK 8/12/60, Negative Cut 8/26/60 and Answer Print struck 9/23/60.

Note that most of the above data was scheduled and prepared 5/22/59, and just how much "looking into the future" that encompassed - or how much was added later on to the same sheet - is not known. What we do know is that the film premiered as One Hundred and One Dalmatians 1/25/61...