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Friday, April 04, 2008

Prod. 2110 (101 Dalmatians) - Seq.015 The Dairy Barn

Directed by Ham Luske, laid out by MacLaren Stewart, Al Zinnen and Joe Hale.

Here, Ms. Ruth Wright, the secretary, has specified exactly who did what for us, something we do not see too often. We meet animators Marc Davis (Cruella), Cliff Nordberg (Baduns), Hal King and Ollie Johnston (Dogs), Eric Larson and Les Clark (Pups), Julius Svendsen (Collie), Hal Ambro (Cows) and one scene of Perdita by Blaine Gibson.
In this sequence, the model shoot of the cars is mentioned as Music Room. This was the generic name for the director's room, dating back to early Hyperion days around 1929, where the directors (Walt, Ub and later Bert Gillett) would lay out and time their short films in a separate room with Carl Stalling on piano. Not much later (late 30-early 31), Wilfred Jackson got his own Music Room with musician Frank Churchill. And so on...

This final draft of 4/28/60...

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