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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dinner Time on CartoonBrew

CartoonBrew's Amid Amidi sent me a message to spread the word about a free cartoon on Cartoon Brew TV, Van Beuren's 1928 Dinner Time. Amid says: "I'm sure you already know the story behind this, but this is the film that inspired Walt to pursue making "Steamboat Willie". It was a sound film that Walt saw in New York in 1928 and which made him realize that he could do a better job of combining sound and animation.

"Dinner Time" is specifically mentioned in a letter from Walt Disney to his brother Roy and collaborator Ub Iwerks. Excerpts from the letter are reprinted in the Disney bios by Neal Gabler, Bob Thomas and Michael Barrier, but the actual film hasn't been seen in 80 years.

We're presenting the short exclusively on Cartoon Brew TV. You can see the original short as well as hear a newly recorded audio commentary by Jerry Beck and Mark Kausler. It's free to watch, and feel free to embed the video directly if you're so inspired!

So herewith! I am aware that this for many is Old News by now, but it is important enough to mention. Yes, it IS an awful racket. I thought it interesting that the commentators mention that the film was copyrighted December 1928, so Walt may have seen a preview print at a distribution office...



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