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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Prod. 2138 - The Sword in the Stone  - Seq. .007 - "Kitchen Battle" (I)

John Lounsbery is known as one of the "Nine Old Men," and John Sibley was finally written about by Pete Docter in Animation Blast #9, but Dick Lucas, John Ewing, Eric Cleworth and Cliff Nordberg have so far been totally ignored by historians (as have Hal King, Hal Ambro and many others). Effects by Dan MacManus. This draft of 6/26/63...

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Anonymous David Nethery says...

It's so much fun to go watch the film again with these drafts in hand.

I was happy to read the article that Pete did on John Sibley . As you say there are many more of these brilliant animators who deserve to have their work highlighted , too.

I continue to be especially impressed by Hal King's work. I'd like to know more about him. I've known a little bit about Hal King for years because when I worked for Dale Baer's commercial studio Dale told me about Hal and how great he was . (Dale started at Disney on "Robin Hood" when Hal King was still working. I think Hal King retired after that .) A lot of those animators who started at Disney in the early 70's such as Dale Baer, Ron Husband, John Pomeroy , Glen Keane, Andy Gaskill , probably have stories to tell about some of the "unknown" Disney animators . Actually, as far as I know John Ewing is still alive and well , living in New Zealand. I worked with his son, Sam Ewing, who was a top key assistant at Disney . I'm sure John Ewing would have some good information about the era to share. Canemaker did interview Ewing a bit for The Nine Old Men book , mainly in the chapter on Lounsbery, who Ewing worked for as an assistant before being promoted to animator. Canemaker also interviewed Baer, Gaskill, Pomeroy , and Don Bluth, too, for the Nine Old Men book but almost entirely about their work with one or more of the Nine. I wonder how much supplementary material John C. may have concerning some of the others such as Hal King ? I do recall once asking John if he would ever consider doing a book on the "unknown" animators at Disney and he replied that he'd love to, but there's really no market for a book like that beyond a small niche of animation fans, so he'd be writing a book that would never be published. I guess that's why blogs were born !

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