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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Prod. UM14 - Mickey's Mechanical Man (II)

The animation draft for Mickey's Mechanical Man shows that Ben Sharpsteen maybe could be considered the first Supervising Animator. He co-credits a lot of scenes, with Ed Love, Marvin Woodward, Jack Kinney (spelled wrong), Tom Bonfiglio, Louie Schmitt, Paul Fennell, Roy Williams, Leonard Sebring (spelled wrong), Hardie Gramatky (of Little Toot fame), Chuck Couch and ... Nick. Now - which Nick could that be? Nichols? De Tolly?
And then, of course, the question is: how much did they really do?
Alberto Becattini credits most of them as Assistant Animators...

Anyway, there are some scenes by Johnnie Cannon, Dick Lundy and Frenchy de Tremaudan, in this film directed by Jaxon with music by Leigh Harline.
It is on Treasures DVD Mickey Mouse in B&W Vol. 2 Disc 2.
When you're done, have a look at the intro to our showreel...

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