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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bar-sheets are IN at last...

...or so it would seem, with the Harman-Ising sheets up on the ASIFA Archive blog. I love looking at bar-sheets, as I have had the pleasure of working with them with great joy.

Here is part of sheet 3 (of 4) of UM-2, Trader Mickey.
Done by the director, Dave Hand Burt Gillett, this shows his thought process as he would sit in front of the boards, armed only with a pencil and a metronome. Oh, and an eraser!
This bit is all [2-12]: each measure has 2 beats of 12 frames each.

NOTE: this is the kind of paper that Dave Hand has in his hand in the scene where he acts out some action in the film about the studio that was done for RKO, and which is on the Treasures DVD "Inside the Disney Studio!"

By Dave Hand...< Click on it!
Read more on timing to music here and then have a look at the intro to our showreel!



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