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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Three Little Wolves Exposure

Since I put up prod. US34 (originally S32) Three Little Wolves a week ago, I thought it would be interesting to show this original 1935 exposure sheet by Bill Roberts, of scene 78(crossed out)/80, where the wolf is shot out of a cannon through the clouds in the end.

We see the sound written as waveforms, the animation drawing numbers exposed on the left and the camera info on the right, beginning with a camera shake as the cannon goes off, starting and ending on a 4 3/4 Field center. See my comparison chart if you want to see the actual sizes in normal ACME sizes. The P*231*1 refers to Punch 231, Take 1, the take of the cannon sound.

It is a bit of a curious exposure sheet, as the form itself basically is comprised of two simpler sheets without Dialogue or BG columns, which did not prevent it being used as a normal exposure sheet.
It is marked 12X-sheet, and in contrast to the normal 8X-sheets, this has markings for each 12 frames as well as footage markings.

It is also curious because it doesn't "fit": in the film, the cannon is fired in sc.78 and the wolves flee in sc.80, with a close-up "take" scene inbetween. None of the scenes fit this sheet in length...
Roberts...< Click on it!



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