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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ready for Pleasure Island...

Here is something I heard today:
A gymnasium class went to the Danish Royal Theatre, and was very loud and ill-behaved up in the balcony. One guy didn't want to do the "excuse me, pardon me" to the side when he had to "go," he walked to the first row on the seat backs! Then, when he got to the first row, he slipped and went over the side--and was lucky to only break his arm when he landed one floor down--and noone else was hurt, in itself a miracle. So - wouldn't you know it - this idiot now is sueing the theatre for not having proper guard-rails to keep people from falling down from the balcony! I mean, really!

If I'm a bit late posting tomorrow, it's because I will be flying most of the day, arriving in LAX a bit after 3 pm. Just so you know...

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