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Friday, June 01, 2007

Where is the Gag File now?

In 1936, Walt Disney bought a wooden filing cabinet with small drawers filled with thousands of gags from Hal Horne, who among other things was editor of the 30's Mickey Mouse Magazine. I believe you can see it in some TV shows, when Walt shows you around in the Morgue. In any case, I asked Disney Archivist Emeritus Dave R. Smith what had happened to it, and he said "they gave it away to some institution some time in the 70's, and the gags weren't that funny for more modern audiences, after all..."

Maybe, before giving it away, they had not read this document, which explains the usage, and has Walt's own views on this resource. In the document, the Dave asking questions would be Dave Hand.

So... does anyone have any idea if the Gag File still exists?



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