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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Note on Anniversaries...

Yesterday saw a nice screening of films by Tex Avery and Mike Maltese at the Academy's Pickford screening facility on Vine in Hollywood. The reason being that this year is the 100th year of their birth. It was a fun screening, and especially the panel discussion afterwards, with guests including June Foray and (unannounced) Stan Freberg was very interesting. I would just like to interject here that we may want to remember some other people this year, as well!
To name a few:

Jack Cutting (01/19/1908 - 08/17/1988)
   - animator, 1st asst.dir., head of Foreign
Fred Madison (02/13/1908 - 09/09/1982)
   - animator
Ted Sebern (03/26/1908 - 01/29/1975)
   - assistant director to Jack Kinney
Carlos Manriquez (04/10/1908 - 05/1981)
   - background (Disney in early 30s, Warners)
Bob Stokes (04/19/1908 - 02/17/1980)
   - animator
Louis Schmitt (04/24/1908 - 05/03/1993)
   - animator
Joe Grant (05/15/1908 - 05/06/2005)
   - story / head of Character Model Dept.
Ken O'Connor (06/07/1908 - 05/27/1998)
   - layout / art director
John Hench (06/29/1908 - 02/05/2004)
   - layout / legendary Imagineer
Nick DeTolly (10/06/1908 - 09/17/1991)
   - assistant of
Shamus Culhane (10/12/1908 - 02/02/1996)
   - animator and author
Buf Nerbovig (10/16/1908 - 10/01/2000)
   - inker and checker
Preston Blair (10/24/1908 - 04/19/1995)
   - animator and author
Murray Griffin (11/24/1908 - 07/01/1989)
   - animator (Iwerks & Disney)



Anonymous Jenny Lerew says...

Hello Hans--what a great list!
I wish I'd known you and been able to introduce myself at the screening last Monday...I guessed there were lots of people there whose names I know, but who I've not met in "real life" yet.

I have a lot of blog reading/catching up to do, starting with yours--almost too much wonderful stuff here!

Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 2:50:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Hans Perk says...

Hi Jenny - I wish at venues like that they would give folks name tags and have everyone pass each other single file introducing themselves. That would help the "less inclined to meet strangers" like myself to meet with those we'd like to meet...

Thank you for liking the stuff I put up - and keep the good stuff coming, yourself!

Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 2:56:00 PM PDT  

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