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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prod. 2110 (101 Dalmatians) - Seq.009 Pongo Gets the News

Directed by Woolie Reitherman, laid out by (Vasili)Basil Davidovich. Animation by Frank Thomas, Blaine Gibson, John Lounsbery, Bob McCrea, Hal Ambro, Milt Kahl and one scene with Dick Lucas and effects by Dan MacManus. Again, lots of reuses! I wonder about those scenes where Milt and Frank share credit, as Milt was mainly working on the human characters in this film.

In my early days I only knew Bob McCrea to be the animator of Mickey in the 1977 New Mickey Mouse Club. Of course, on this blog we already saw him in 1D-8, next door to Ollie, in 1946...

This final draft of 8/18/60...

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