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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick note re: Operation Dumbo Draft

With all the animator info missing on the Dumbo draft I posted, I feel the need to express what I feel is the reason for this: I would think this is because the film was made in such a hurry, and a good deal of the final work was done during the strike.
As I keep saying: these were working documents, not meant to be historical. As soon as the sequence was "in the can," there was no need to update it anymore. In other words: my guess is that this is as far as the drafts came.

This one comes "straight" from the BG morgue, so one would think it would have been updated if at all possible. This is why I suggest that the only way we can say with certainty who animated the scenes is by looking at the scene folders, the wrappers for the animation, as these should have the animators' name(s) on them. But these are in the ARL, which means that only by a stroke of luck could we get new information, if anyone who has access there leaves comments on this blog. (Please email me if you would like to contribute anonymously, I swear to not reveal names of my sources!)
Can't blame me for trying...

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