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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Prod. 2264 - Mickey's Birthday Party

By special request...

It is especially interesting to see who animated Goofy...
Directed by Riley Thomson, this draft #6 dated 4/9/1941.
The film, a remake of CM-10 as posted just below (more on that later, as I have a later version of it), premiered 2/7/1942.
After a hard week of Comic-Con and other things, and with hotel networking issues impeding my productivity, I finally found I could post as normal. That doesn't mean I will do so every day, though! Keep peeking in, and I will post new stuff every once in a while. in the mean time, if you want to get in touch re: A. Film L.A., the easiest way is probably by just mailing me at hp(at)

And good news: Amid's Animation Blast #9 and Cartoon Modern are some of the nicest publications of the decade! Buy! Pre-order! Now!
(The bad news: I didn't get to meet a lot of people who were at the Comic-Con, though I was there from Wednesday through Saturday...)

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