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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Plight of Fred Moore

Here is a bit of animation, the penultimate scene of the shelved Prod. 2428, The Plight of the Bumble Bee, directed by Jack Kinney in 1951, animated by Fred Moore. The drawings were originally only marked with Fred's name, but it has been mentioned previously on a forum following my sending a few images to Cartoon Brew (and which ultimately made me start this blog) that the last part of the scene may have been finished by Cliff Nordberg. More on Didier Ghez' blog.

In the files (a QuickTime and an animated .gif) I have not held the drawings until the next ones, as that gives a false timing - I have inserted blanks. There are several schools of thought on this...
I exposed the drawings according to the numbers, though this may be too quickly, as I believe the dialog to be something along the lines of "Oh, boy! A violin virtuoso! With his talent and my brains, we'll hit the tops, heh heh heh!"
12 ©Disney

[Addition: Keith Lango brought up an interesting point: that CG animators aren't used to seeing linetests with inserted blanks. Somehow, I do feel that one should get an eye for timing using only the available keys. I learned to add blank sheets of paper between my keys before flipping my drawings, to not cheat myself on estimating my timing - and I heard this was done at Disney's as well by several animators. But for those of you who do not have the feeling for this yet, here are the two files again, but this time with the drawings held until the one following it. It looks more smooth, but still...
12 ©Disney ]

Note that some viewers may not support animated GIFs!
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