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Friday, February 22, 2008

First Day of Issue 1968

Here is a fun item I found at the January NFFC show in Garden Grove. The Walt Disney: Showman of the World stamp issued 9/11/68 has Walt painted by Paul Wenzel and additional characters by Bob Moore. No Disney characters, for at the time the USPS did not allow the copyright symbol on the stamps, something since worked around by printing it on the back.

Here is the invitation for the ceremony with extras, and the back of the program features Walt's own article "The Marceline I Knew" from the 9/2/38 Golden Jubilee edition of the Marceline News...
The last two images are of loose sheets that were inside the actual program.
[Added: Though I do not remember where
I found it, here is a larger version of the Wenzel/Moore image used for the stamp.]

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