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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lost Memories (II)

While speaking with old mentor Børge Ring's daughter Anne-Mieke,
I suggested posting some more Lost Memories - images from his scrapbooks, now gone forever. We agreed that this might get more attention to the devastating event of February 1st, only 11 days ago, when the 300 year old farmhouse that was Børge and his wife, artist Joanika Ring lived in was completely destroyed by fire.

Børge had lots of mementos dating from his time in Denmark, pre-1952. Animation done by David Hand in Denmark... A great scene by Børge of a cow being scared running off screen that to me was an action scene that ranked with the best of John Sibley's work...

Also among them was the early storyboard for the 1950 film "Fest i Skoven," in English "Party in the Forest" that I showed you earlier. Here are the first six panels, sadly the only part that I photographed around 1983 for use in the Danish magazine Carl Barks & Co. They - and the rest of this storyboard - are now lost forever.

Anne-Mieke posted a few images on Facebook which I show you here, for I am sure not everyone uses Facebook. First, she took a picture of her proud father with his Winsor McCay award, which Anne-Mieke received in his name just three days after the fire.

The second image brings home the devastation of the fire. Joanika surrounded by - nothing. Her art, her past, her livelyhood - all went up in flames.

Anne-Mieke told me that Joanika, who normally travels through Holland on a regular basis, has been sheltered in a hotel nearby, while Børge enjoys the hospitality of a neighboring friend, where he is well cared for. The Dutch Animated Film Institute (NIAf) has graciously loaned him a laptop, and I hope to hear from himself soon. Of course, nothing can bring back what was lost, but you can help soften the blow a little with your donation!

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