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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A closer look at The Reluctant Dragon

When looking at The Reluctant Dragon again (after looking up Walt Kelly on the draft), I stumbled over a few things I want to share with you here - so here are a few frame grabs. The first couple show maquettes from Peter Pan (1953) and Lady and the Tramp (1955), a fact that I see is mentioned in IMDB's trivia section. The grabs from the Baby Weems sequence show modelsheets from the same projects casually stuck to the walls. I thought that was pretty interesting, as The Reluctant Dragon premiered June 20th, 1941 - during the strike - and of course was finished well before that... (Click to enlarge!)
Frame Grab 1 Frame Grab 2 Frame Grab 3 Frame Grab 4
Another fun thing I notice is the background in the Traffic Dept. If you look behind the actor in the middle (left image), you see the outline of the Animation Building as it was intended, but never finished. The outline is light, the exsisting part of the building is dark, so it seems to be a 'future project'.
The middle image is a closer view of the same frame grab, and the right is a fantasy image of how it would have looked if it had been finished according to KEM Weber's original plans... (Click to enlarge!)
Frame Grab 5 Frame Grab 5 Close-up Fantasy

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