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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Walt in Denmark 1961

Walt Disney visited Denmark on several occasions. Left image: in 1961, he was snapped with an Aarhus Stiftstidende (a daily newspaper of Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city) on his head to ward off the rain... It was used on the front page of the little 1968 book by the Danish Film Museum called Disney, by Frederik G. Jungersen. 1000 were printed. (Click to see the image).
Walt in DenmarkWalt in Denmark 2
On the right, we see Walt in the town hall square in Copenhagen,
July 2nd, 1961, with the president of the Danish-American 4th of July Celebrations, Mr. Tom Knudsen of Los Angeles.
What better day than today to show you this one - but how about those scary ducks, huh? No wonder Walt looks worried...



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