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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Frank Thomas - born 100 years ago today

Thinking fondly of my old friend Frank - who would have been 100 today (where I am now), September 5th.

I would like to share a few things, remembering Frank.
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First, from the Disney Archives, a listing of all the productions that Frank is credited for. This sheet was sent to me in 1984, before Frank and Ollie came to Holland. (I am aware I posted this before).

Second, in my opinion very interesting, a letter sent by Frank to Peter Madsen during production of Valhalla, the film that had me move to Denmark. Valhalla was Peter's baby, he drew the comic strip and later directed the movie, which had its premiere 10/9/1986. We had lots of interesting things going on tracking the scenes, so to help, Frank sent his suggestions, as elaboration on the text in The Illusion of Life. Attached was an annotated copy of a draft page.
"It is the most important document that everyone uses to find out who is responsible for what, and when."

Remember this from an earlier posting?
See also this very early posting of mine. And this one.

Let's all raise our glass tonight to one of the greatest artists and actors, animation has ever seen!

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