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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Miffy the Movie in cinemas in Holland!

Finally, the film I directed called "nijntje de film" (miffy the movie) has gone into general release in 118 cinemas in Holland today!
As you can imagine, I am very proud of this film.

Interestingly, the reviews are split in two: the ones where the reviewer saw the film WITH a children's audience all give the film four out of five stars, while the ones who have NOT seen the film with kids give it three out of five, and mention "I doubt if the film can keep the young audience captivated." The "four star" reviewers note that it can - that the film "works!"

In the Dutch TV guide Troskompas, in the very first review published a week ago, I found a very clear view on this: the reviewer wrote that he feels he has no way of judging the film, but as his kid loved it and was entertained all the way, he could not but give the film four stars. To me, that is the only way to look at it: does our target audience like it? Are they amused and entertained? I was very happy to note at the premiere last week that they are.

A Dutch film blogger posted a review of the film - he was at the premiere with his autistic daughter. He mentions that, though she normally has attention issues, she was captivated by the film and enjoyed it thoroughly all the way through. His story touched me deeply - after all our efforts, it is what I am most proud of!

Some potential viewers are asking if it isn't too much a "baby movie" for them to enjoy. I can only say, 1) your kids will love it, as many thousands have before them, and 2) listen to the score! Tom van Beers' full orchestral music, arranged by Martin Fondse and recorded by the Dutch Metropole Orchestra and the Prague Symphony Orchestra is certainly a highlight of this theatergoing experience!

March 23rd sees the Japanese premiere, and it will run in at least
72 cinemas: see MIFFYTHEMOVIE.JP for details!

Thanks to all my old and new friends with whom I made the film, at A. Film Production (Copenhagen), AB Studija (Latvia), and in Holland: composer Tom van Beers (B-wave, Arnhem), Pedri Animation (Ankeveen), Wim Pel Productions (Diemen), Warnier Posta (Amsterdam), AVP (Amstelveen) and especially the Dutch Film Fund w/Willem Thijssen, Warner Bros. (Amsterdam), Telescreen Filmproducties (Hilversum) and Mercis (Amsterdam).
A special thank you to actress Hymke de Vries whose temporary voices inspired us all!

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