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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Snow White Master Score

Snow White Master Score
Probably the best way of seeing the "voicing" of a picture is by looking at its mixing score, and this is now possible, for the first time, specifically for the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You find this in the Snow White Master Score book that was recently issued, for which I wrote the bulk of the technical introduction, together with my friends Russell Schroeder and Alex Rannie. Let it be known that I am ready, willing and able to work on the intro to the Pinocchio Master Score book, telling of the new techniques that were put to use, first and foremost the infamous Iron Pencil!

What can we learn from this book? Well, if nothing else, how few sound effects really are needed when the music tells the story! Through my many years in the business I have worked with dozens of sound effects guys who wanted to heap everything they could think of into those tracks. Luckily on some projects (like my I was able to control the final mix and had a lot ox extraneous effects removed or at least "pulled down a lot." Miffy the Movie had a full score, 63 minutes of music for a 70 minute film, so a lot of effects bit the dust there. If only to see how this can be done properly so it works, the book is well worth the $300 it costs! But just following along with this score, together with the film - it gives you a whole new understanding of storytelling, and music written to beats. Plus - it is just a great book. Get it now!

(My thanks to Jonathan Heely, Geena Downey, Lisa Janacua, Karen Smith, and of course Russell Schroeder and Alex Rannie!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An additional thought to an old posting...

Prodded by a question in the comments, I added a few thoughts on the famous Multiplane shot in the beginning of Seq. 2 of Pinocchio, giving my opinion on why this 67 foot scene was split up in scenes 1.01 to 1.06. Please check down in the comments section!