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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Prod. RM16, Mickey's Parrot.

Directed by Bill Roberts, assisted by Mike Holoboff, with layouts by Hal Doughty. Released 9/9/38, this FINAL draft dated 6/15/38.
Animation by Fred Spencer, Art Palmer, Dick Lundy, Les Clark, Bob Wickersham and Shamus/Jimmie Culhane, with effects by Cornett Wood and Josh Meador.

Found on the Treasures DVD Mickey Mouse in Living Color, Vol. 1 Disk 2 or on YouTube, though unofficially, of course, and not in the best quality here.

This short film is one of the few short film directed by Bill Roberts not part of a feature film, the others are The Brave Little Tailor and Society Dog Show. For having been made well after Snow White had begun its conquest of the world, this film has surprisingly varied animation and drawing quality. Lundy's work seems to harken back to earlier days, while Culhane scenes show solid drawing of Pluto's body, but rather awkward expressions.

A bit about myself: I have been busying myself with my regular work, currently editing another feature film, "The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear" based on a successful Danish children's book.
After hours I am, with help from the Walt Disney Archives and Photo Library, reworking my walk-through of Walt Disney's Hyperion Ave. Studio 1926-1940, which I look forward to present (again) at the D23 Expo in Anaheim in July. A new version of (ca. June) 1929 shows an even smaller studio than we for years had taken for granted, and (April-May) 1939 also sees a few corrections based on new revelations. All this has eaten most of my time these past months, which resulted in my not having been able to keep up my blog at regular intervals. I aim to improve that situation, at least a little...

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