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Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Prod. 0136 - The Fox and the Hound (XVII)   - Seq. 004 Fox meets Vixen (2/3)

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Directed by Art Stevens and Rick Rich, assisted by Mark Hester. Layout by Don Griffith, Sylvia Roemer and Glenn Vilppu.
This FINAL draft dated 5/4/1981 by secretary Charlene Rogers.

Animation by Ron Clements, Glen Keane, Ollie Johnston, Lorna Pomeroy, Ed Gombert and Chuck Harvey.

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Anonymous John V. (The Spectre) says...

Glen Keane dominates the Tod and Vixey scenes, with a few by Ollie Johnston.

There are a few cutaways to Big Mama with no particular casting consistency: some are assigned to Ron Clements, some to Ed Gombert and some (including those where she shares the screen with Boomer and Dinky) to Lorna Pomeroy. According to interviews, Ed Gombert took over the character of Big Mama from Ron Clements, so Clements' scenes must have been animated first.

Chuck Harvey, as usual, gets a single wide-angle group shot, but he's also credited with co-animating a couple of scenes where it's not really clear what he would have done.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 at 8:32:00 AM PDT  

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