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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Prod. CM23 - The Grocery Boy

Happy 92nd Birthday, Mr. Mouse! The last of your film drafts I posted was CM-17, here is the next one I have, CM-23, [The] Grocery Boy.
Animated by Dave Hand, Tom Palmer, Rudy Zamora, Ben Sharpsteen, Les Clark, Jack King, Albert Hurter, Johnny Cannon, Gerry Geronimi, Dick Lundy and Gilles Armand "Frenchy" de Trémaudan, plus Harry Reeves, "Hutch" and Johnny Cannon under the supervision of Ben Sharpsteen.

On Alberto Becattini's site we find that "Hutch" was:

HUTCHINSON, Andrew Charles (“HUTCH”)

- Animator/Director/Producer/Story: LEE-BRADFORD c23-25 (Red Head Comedies 23/25)

- Animator: TED ESHBAUGH c30-31/32-43 (The Wizard of Oz 31, Goofy Goat Antics 31 [for VAN BEUREN], Cap’n Cub 45); DOUGLAS LEIGH 40s (Animated Advertising Displays)

- Assistant Animator: DISNEY 31 (Silly Symphony 31 [The Fox Hunt, The Ugly Duckling], Mickey Mouse 31-32 [The Duck Hunt 32, The Mad Dog 32])

Premiered on 2/11/1932 and can be found on the Treasures DVD Mickey Mouse in Black and White Volume 2, disk 2, in the From the Vault section because of Al Hurter's sc. 47.

Congratulations also to Miss Minnie Mouse on her birthday!

It has been a while since I last posted anything here, even after having finally relocated myself in SoCal a year and a day ago! I have to do this more often again! I admit, since my old mentor Børge Ring passed away I lost some incentive for posting Mickey drafts. Is anyone else still interested in them?

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