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Saturday, April 03, 2021

Walt was honored for Three Little Pigs... And so were Pinto Colvig and Frank Churchill!

This article in the Hollywood Citizen News of Saturday 09/23/1933 pretty much speaks for itself:

What I was not aware of was that this party at the Writers' Club, on Tuesday 09/26/1933 was also where that very famous photo of Walt and Will Rogers was taken (by Associated Press):

Well, now we know!

Here we have the L.A. Illustrated Daily News of two days later, 09/28/1933, taken by Acme Photo, at a slightly different angle(!):

In the Los Angeles Times of Sunday 10/15/1933 we find another image of Colvig and Churchill, as well as a bunch of images from a costume party organized by Mr and Mrs. Donald Ogden Stewart around the same time. Interesting to see Sid Grauman in drag as a lady who was actually at the other party, Groucho Marx as Rex the Wonder Horse and Fred Astaire with a moustache.
It's pretty clear which photos are from which party...

A propos Frank Churchill, note the article in the Hollywood Citizen News on 09/30/1933, four days after the party: