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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Prod. UM6 - Klondike Kid

Another request, directed by Wilfred Jaxon, released 11/12/32.
New animators under the wings of Ben Sharpsteen are Marvin Woodward, Charlie Byrne, Chuck Couch, Harry Reeves, Louie Schmidt, Roy Williams, Archie Robin (one 'b'), Ed Love, "Ol' Flop-ears" George Drake, Fred Spencer, Fred Moore, Bab (Art Babbitt, I would think) and Frank Tipper (1887-1968). They share the limelight with "old hands" like Johnnie Cannon, Frenchy de Trémaudan, Hardie Gramatky, Les Clark, Tom Palmer and Gerry Geronimi. The star of this short is undeniably Norm Ferguson.
It isn't Building a Building (UM7, the next film in line) by far, the narrative is not too exciting, and much of the animation erratic and clearly the work of many novices, but it does have a certain charm...

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