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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Prod. 2082 (Sleeping Beauty) - Seq. 14.0 Girl Pricks Finger

Directed by Eric Larson, laid out by Mac Stewart.
Assistant director Geo Probert.

Animation by Harvey Toombs, Ollie Johnston, Hal Ambro, Hal King, John Kennedy, Don Lusk, Marc Davis, and one scene by director Larson. Effects by Jim Will and Josh Meador.

According to the 4/3/57 directory that Joe Campana posted, John Kennedy around this time shared room 1D-14 with Milt Kahl.
But this may be a typo, as Kahl was normally next door to Marc Davis, in 1D-4. Since Kennedy was in 1D, it seems unlikely he was effects animator. Does anyone know more about him?

This FINAL draft of 10/24/58...
I'm really quite surprised at how few ripples these documents make in the blogosphere. It's not like anyone has ever published these before.

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Anonymous Michael Barrier says...

Hans, I'm still catching up from a long trip, so I'm late in responding to your post about the other Disney drafts posted on the Web. In addition to the Song of the South drafts that I've posted and that you mentioned, I've also posted the draft for Disney's Who Killed Cock Robin?

Like you,I've been a little surprised by the lack of response to some of the historical material I've put up; I suppose that's why I've never gotten around to posting more of the SOTS drafts. I've been particularly surprised by the silence that has greeted what I think of as some of the most interesting of my interviews, like those with John McGrew and Lloyd Turner of the Warner studio. But, what the hell, I'll keep at it, and I'm glad you're doing the same.

Friday, July 11, 2008 at 4:47:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous spokeshave says...

Stan Green told me that John Kennedy was one of Marc Davis's assistants and although Marc is credited on the draft as animator of Aurora climbing the stairs scenes. John was given the scenes to animate, back then you had to animate 150 feet? To get a screen credit and Stan said all the assistants were trying to get as many scenes from their animator as possible. They were all envious of John Kennedy when he got all the long scenes of Aurora in that seq, which pushed his footage up. Also reuses weren't counted towards your footage, Stan animated Samson's reaction to the Princes cloak and hat disappearing in the forest. But it was reused at the end and that wasn't counted towards his footage, he said.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 4:25:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous David says...

I have been revisiting the Sleeping Beauty draft years later after just having watched the film again recently. I note the comment above from spokeshave about Marc Davi's assistant John Kennedy managing to achieve enough animation footage for screen credit as an animator (I had always heard that the quota for receiving screen credit was 100 ft. of animation, but maybe it was 150 ft. ?) Oddly enough long-time Disney animators like Ambi Paliwoda did not receive screen credit on Sleeping Beauty , while someone like John Kennedy , who does not seem to have a screen credit again on a Disney film (although I've read that he also animated some scenes on One Hundred and One Dalmatians) does get credit. A few years later , Paliwoda receives screen credit on One Hundred and One Dalmatians , but he leaves the Disney studio after Dalmatians was completed. It seems like at least two of the credited animators on Sleeping Beauty, Henry Tanous and John Kennedy, were well-regarded key assistant animators (Tanous working with Frank Thomas , Kennedy with Marc Davis) who stepped up to the plate to help get the animation footage on SB completed (I wonder if they then had to turn around and clean up their own rough animation?) but veteran character animators like Ambi Paliwoda were overlooked for screen credit.

Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 1:04:00 PM PDT  

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