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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Premiering on Friday...

Our latest feature film, Jungo Goes Bananas (I did not name it!) has its Danish premiere on Friday, exactly 70 years after Snow White.

Of course there is no comparison, especially as our film was produced for Denmark, a country with 5 million inhabitants, about the same as the San Fernando Valley, and though I do not remember the exact amount, the budget was probably around a third of a Disney Direct-to-DVD.1 Our latest effort was made in CG since the financiers did not want to invest in a hand-drawn film, the first two Jungo films (and the TV series) being hand drawn. But I must say - the film is actually fun. Especially the scientist's song in the end as he is cracking up - cracked me up! Just imagine what we can do with a REAL budget!

Here is the trailer, in Danish...

In Danish, the title is Jungledyret Hugo: Fræk, Flabet og Fri - which means Hugo the Jungle Animal: Impudent, - well, another kind of impudent - and Free. Really, it sounds better in Danish.
I hope this film gets a better treatment than the horribly Miramaxed versions of our previous films, available in the US as Go Hugo Go, with completely new soundtracks etc. The original films can be seen on YouTube, I just noticed...

(1 Danish newspapers have generally given the film a thumbs-up (Politiken, Berlingske, EkstraBladet) and quote the cost as 25 mln Danish Kroner, which is 4.8 mln US$ - less than a quarter of a Disney Direct-to-DVD, which tend to be around 20 mln US$!)

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Anonymous Mark Mayerson says...

Hi Hans. I think that the film looks very good for the budget you specify. And Denmark should be proud that with a population of 5 million people, it can support home grown animated features. Canada's population is around 30 million but the movie business here is so heavily dominated by U.S. films that Canadian animated features are almost always service work done for U.S. producers.

Sunday, December 23, 2007 at 6:20:00 PM PST  

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