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Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Feild trip - a closer look...

Once in a while, I find it nice to look closer at an image that "just always was there" - in this case a picture in Robert Durant Feild's 1942 The Art of Walt Disney, fig. 23, "View of the plant from the air." I descreened it for clarity, and we see a new "animation factory" on 51 acres in Burbank. The paths around the animation building show the original intent, not eight but twelve wings, as drawn in the plan on the previous page in the book (image on right)...
From the air Ground plan < Click on it!
As Dave Smith teaches us in Funnyworld No. 20 (1979), a deposit on the plot was made August 31st, 1938, the Pinocchio camera dept. moved in August 1939, and the Bambi unit moved in fall 1939, as the lease on 861 Seward Street ran out. The general move from Hyperion Ave. took place between Dec. 26, 1936 and Jan. 5, 1940, and other depts., such as ink and paint, moved in spring. Finally, in May, the move was done. So what we see here is probably some time around the move - there don't seem to be any people present. Or is there someone in the field, where the J wing could have been?



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